Privacy: ArchitecturePLB considers the protection of personal information we may collect and process from our business contacts, including our clients (current and future), consultants, contractors, suppliers, from our website or visitors to our studios and other individuals we have a business relationship with, to be of up-most importance. Our privacy notice sets out how we collect, process and secure this information. It also details how we fulfill our obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). View Privacy Notice Similarly, we have a Recruitment Privacy Policy in place for candidates that apply for any vacancies that we may have. This can be found here.

Environmental: ArchitecturePLB is committed to the principle of sustainable development and managing our own day-to-day business practices in a sustainable manner. In our professional advice to clients we believe that the best way to implement that commitment is to engage them in a dialogue regarding sustainability at the outset. Our objective is to develop designs which can be constructed and operated sustainably, which have the potential to be adapted to suit changing future needs and which can eventually be dismantled and recycled at the end of their life. View Environmental Policy

Quality Assurance: ArchitecturePLB is committed to delivering quality – through the service we provide, the designs we develop and the information we deliver. We are reliable, competent and professional in all our activities – in dealing with our clients and building users and in our relationships with other members of the design and construction teams. We ensure that our designs are of the highest quality – creative, appropriate, sustainable, affordable and deliverable in accordance with our clients’ requirements.We produce and deliver information that is clear, consistent and accurate – meeting the needs of our clients, colleagues and contractors as well as statutory requirements and industry best practice. View Quality Policy