ArchitecturePLB makes intelligent architecture. An explorative process is central to our work: we listen, we think, we model and test, and then we make.

Our starting point is a sense of responsibility – both social and environmental – because we believe that good architecture can make better places. We are realistic and pragmatic in our approach, but know that our work also has a more creative purpose: to challenge expectations and lift the spirits. Negotiation lies at the heart of what we do, enabling us to chart a course through complex problems with sensitivity and imagination.

Our work is articulate, informed by practical experience across many sectors, and we enjoy a collective interest in the craft of putting buildings together. The form and materials of our interventions are as important as the spaces in between, this responsive way of thinking about place is fundamental to the practice ethos.

We owe our longevity as a practice to the fact that we are continually receptive to new ideas and fresh collaborations. ArchitecturePLB’s strong client and community relationships reflect our ability to win trust, and a reputation for reconciling certainty with invention.