Architects Mentor University of Portsmouth Students

Date posted: March 29, 2018

Architects Tom Hayes, Anna Osbourne, Andy Joyce and Jo DeSyllas have recently enjoyed mentoring two students from the University of Portsmouth through the RIBA Student Mentorship programme. Tom Ellis and Marcus Cooper told us how they found the experience:

‘Heading to the Winchester Office, we met with Tom and Anna, registered architects, who gave us a guided tour of the workspace overlooking the cathedral. We quickly noticed the friendly, professional atmosphere, and enjoyed speaking with a Part 1 graduate to get an idea of what it is like entering an office for the first time.

Following this visit, we were able to explore a developing residential block nearing completion, Victoria House, which replaced outmoded accommodation with new modern living. Donning our PPE, we were able to see the 5th RIBA work stage in action; allowing us to understand technical aspects of the site and relate the plans and visualisations to the final development – an enlightening process for Part 1 students with little construction experience! Joining with a site meeting, we were also able to learn about the collaborative process.

In order to better understand this collaboration and the various communications between contractors, architects and clients, we met with Andy who showed us two fully integrated BIM projects, the Advanced Technology Block and Avenue Building of Eastleigh College. This revealed the complexity of designing buildings which respond to both site and function, while dealing with complex mechanical and electrical systems.

Returning for a final visit, Tom, Anna and Jo provided us with feedback on our CVs and portfolios, which was highly constructive and helpful in lieu of approaching interviews. We would like to thank Architecture PLB for the time spent with them during the Mentoring scheme, it was a fantastic experience and we felt encouraged to proceed in our careers after their support and guidance.’