ArchitecturePLB is now a member of the Passivhaus Trust

Date posted: October 8, 2019

ArchitecturePLB is now a member of the Passivhaus Trust, an independent, non-profit organisation that aims to promote Passivhaus as an effective way to reduce energy use and carbon emissions from buildings, as well as creating comfortable conditions for their occupants.

We have been designing to Passivhaus standards since 2010 when we started working on Hampshire’s first certified Passivhaus and we now see it as an integral route to combatting the Climate Emergency. Since then, Associate Director Paul Phasey has qualified as a Passivhaus Designer, and we have had our first developer-led Passivhaus project certified; Leah Gardens is a build-to-rent scheme which incorporated a terrace of five Passivhaus units.

More recently we have been promoting the idea of scaling up Passivhaus for large buildings, such as Purpose Built Student Accommodation: MassivPassiv looks in detail at how Passivhaus can be applied to larger schemes and has been successfully delivered to a number of institutions, where we have found there to be a lot of interest and engagement.  We look forward to continuing our Passivhaus journey in collaboration with the Passivhaus Trust.