Private house design inspired by local flint

Date posted: June 15, 2018

ArchitecturePLB have recently submitted a planning application for an exciting private house in the Hampshire countryside, sought through Paragraph 55 of the NPPF. One of the key criteria for achieving planning permission under this policy is for proposals to be of ‘exceptional architectural quality’. The design team have therefore worked to create a design which not only meets the needs of the family but will significantly enhance its setting. The landscape context has been the key driver for the design, which includes the use of locally ubiquitous flint.

The concept for the building is inspired by flint, a naturally occurring rock colloquially known as ‘the crop that never fails’. Conceptually based on a worked flint nodule, the house is made up of two contrasting halves: a dark glossy element, which will reflect its surroundings and a rougher flint clad component.

The landscape of this part of the Test Valley is ‘big’, with long views and dramatic skies. The horizon brings the two together. The building is designed to create a dynamic design that represents the poetic and beautiful connection between the area’s ‘big skies’ and hardworking arable landscape.

ArchitecturePLB designed the first house in Hampshire certified to meet Passivhaus standards, we have since built on this experience and our in-house certified Passivhaus designer has worked to ensure the new dwelling will be locally unique in terms of its sustainability credentials by exceeding Passivhaus Plus standards.