Eastleigh College redevelopment

Date posted: February 23, 2017

The first phase of our masterplan and redevelopment of Eastleigh College in Hampshire has completed. A new Creative Skills Centre on Chestnut Avenue campus replaces facilities which were formerly located at Desborough Road, a location which was released for housing to fund the College development. Following a site-wide options appraisal, ArchitecturePLB conceived a revised and more ambitious masterplan, which included the relocation of phase two and a wide reaching rationalisation of the College’s secondary space uses.

The new building, developed in close consultation with college staff, and which follows the practice’s long life, loose fit and low energy approach, is formed of brick and copper with a curtain of perforated solar shading to the southern façade, creating new Art & Design, Finance & Business and Hair & Beauty teaching facilities. The Hair & Beauty facility is to be a ‘leading edge’ teaching space and will be aligned with a commercial salon, open to the general public. Internally, the building provides a robust, flexible set of spaces which can accommodate the faculties, and which could be adapted to different uses in the future. Designed to provide a new, welcoming ‘face’ for the college, the main entrance has been remodelled to include external social spaces and improve connections to the new building, all enclosed by a bespoke boundary fence incorporating signage and artwork.

The second phase, which is due for completion in April, will provide an Advanced Technology Centre on what is effectively an infill site. Refreshing the wider campus frontage, a bold design on the eastern, glazed facade, reflects the department’s high-tech student focus. Sitting adjacent to a landscaped courtyard, which serves as an important circulation space for the college, engages the department with the wider college.

Having challenged the original masterplan, ArchitecturePLB’s scheme will deliver greater efficiencies for the college and create a better, more coherent campus for the students.