Autumn Practice Day 2017

Date posted: November 3, 2017

Twice a year the teams from London and Winchester get together in one of our offices to share current and upcoming projects and to get an update on practice and industry news. This October it was the turn of our London studio to host and staff provided a magnificent feast of home cooked food for lunch. As usual we ended the day with a team building activity. Director Mike Skiton set a series of entertaining tasks to get us thinking about the importance of verbal communication. Our first exercise was to ascertain which word had been pinned to our backs through a series of ‘animal, vegetable, mineral’ yes/no questions. This done, we were able to find our word counterpart, fish met chips, batman met robin etc. Placed back to back in pairs we then had the task of recreating a photograph on paper with one person describing what they saw and the other drawing. Finally, we were allowed to test our visual drawing skills with a two-minute caricature of our partners which caused much amusement all round!