Kensington Prep School, Exemplar Classrooms

Completion Date 2016

Contract Value undisclosed

Client Kensington Prep School

Following the Explore Floor, ArchitecturePLB
were commissioned to create a set of
exemplar classroom spaces as part of the
school’s refurbishment programme.
Working with the school, ArchitecturePLB
carried out a combination of teaching and
work environment research to find a creative
solution to complement the school’s drive
to do the best for their students. The design
breakthrough occurred when the need for
one desk per pupil was reduced by combining
the need across two classes. Tests requiring
desks are held one class at a time and are
not onerous to schedule. The classrooms are
average UK size and even with the opening
up to a shared breakout area, do not allow for
much flexibility in furniture or settings.