Explore Floor and Exemplar Classroom

Completion Date February 2016

Contract Value undisclosed

Client Kensington Prep School

In 2012 Kensington Prep school set out to equip their pupils for a changing world. Following a three-year exploration of emerging teaching and learning methods, they commissioned ArchitecturePLB to design a number of environments to facilitate pioneering changes in their educational approach.

The first project, the Explore Floor, is designed to support and encourage independent exploration, self-directed learning and collaborative work. The space has interactive learning stations and fold out ‘scribble glass’ walls to support research and project work in small groups. The bright decor is designed to inspire and stimulate with colour and fabrics from around the globe incorporating images and text on the theme of Inspiring Women. The space is versatile; bespoke floor pillows and moveable foam block furniture can be configured to suit any group size and activity while the multiple screens and ceiling-mounted projector allow the room to be converted into an immersive experience. A linked multi-media recording studio with green screen for filmmaking extends the activities that the space can support.

For the “Future Classroom” project we looked at class-based learning, exploring the latest thinking and research to develop the themes for a classroom for today’s world. This is a learning space that has been designed to be agile and flexible; different zones provide distinct, contrasting learning settings while flexible furniture allows the space to be reconfigured swiftly and easily. Extensive display tracks progress visibly and allows teachers and pupils to colonise and customise.