Monksbrook Estate Masterplan, Eastleigh

Completion Date 2014 (Phase 1) 2016 (Phase 2)

Contract Value £16.2m

Client First Wessex Housing Association/Barratt Homes

Winner of the 'Planning for Affordable Housing' category at the Planning and Placemaking Awards 2016

The Monksbrook Estate project is a phased regeneration programme, replacing an estate of 164 outmoded houses with 237 mixed tenure new homes for First Wessex Housing Association.
Key to this process was the development of a masterplan that provided increased density whist providing a new public realm to improve and integrate the new estate into is surroundings.

The public realm is an essential element in the success of any housing scheme. It is the streets and spaces that are the backdrop to everyday life, providing attractive, safe spaces for children to play, residents to meet and fosters a sense of community. It extends beyond the site boundary, seamlessly knitting the new scheme into the wider urban fabric – spatially, socially and economically. The series of terraces echo the Victorian streets that adjoin the site to the south, whilst the network of mews and green spaces allow good pedestrian permeability through the scheme to neighbouring shops and services.

Previously, the site consisted of a grid of 1960’s maisonette blocks, surrounded by open greenspace that had been the focus for anti social activity over a number of years. This was arranged around a road network that created rat-runs across the area, but provided very little parking. There are also several utilities constraints on site, including a rising main that cuts through the centre of the scheme.

The masterplan overcomes these constraints by reducing the road network to a few well-designed roads that give access to ‘parking mews’, which in turn provide pedestrian access to a central linear park. The new terraces are arranged to retain existing mature trees, which provide a sense of scale and green structure. The terraces provide a range of house types to satisfy local need.

Ultimately, the masterplan approach has provided a phased strategy for overcoming all the site constraints, it has increased density, improved connections with the wider townscape, and provided a real sense of place in pleasant new streets and spaces.